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Scoot Launches New Inflight Portal In Preparation For New Normal

Singapore – To better meet customer expectations in the post-COVID world, Scoot will be launching a new inflight portal,ScootHub, to serveas a one-stop shop for all customerneeds inflight. ScootHub, which can be easilyaccessed from customers’ own mobile devices,will be the first of its kind in the region to offer such diverse functionalities. Launching in phasescommencing December 2020, Scoot customerswill be able to orderfood and beverages from Scoot Café, shop for duty-free items from KrisShop,play games, browse inspirational travel content and more, all from the convenience of their owndevice. This transition from physical to digital inflight menus, duty-free catalogues and magazines reduces surface contact and physical interactions between customers and crew, giving customerspeace of mind about their health and safety on board. This reduced interaction also allows Scoot to resume some inflight services, such as buy-on-board food, which had been temporarily suspended. In ScootHub’s secondphase, from April 2021, customerswill be able to book ground activities and attractions while inflight.They can also sync theirKrisflyer membership to earn or redeem miles when they purchase items via KrisShop or activities and attractions via Pelago, the SIA Group’s new platform for destination inspiration and content. Scoot has a roadmap of additional features to be deployed in subsequent phases. Mr Campbell Wilson, Scoot’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “We know that health and safety are top of customers’ minds these days, and that regulatory requirements have changed the inflight experience. “ScootHub enables us to resume valued services in a safe, low-touch manner, improving customers’ experiences and – through reduction in paper-based collaterals – improving our environmental sustainability too. “Our investment in this portalis part of Scoot’s comprehensive digitalisation programme, both internal and external, which also includes health-focused initiatives such as touchless check- in kiosks and bag-drop facilities, enhanced online and mobile check-in capabilities, and real time information on travel requirements.”

Customers can access ScootHub by using their personal mobile devices to scan a QR code on the seatback, or connect to the “ScootHub” network on their mobile devices. When successfully connected, they will be able to access the following features:

a) Scoot Café

Food and beverages including hot meal combos, snacks, hot drinks, soft drinks and liquors can be ordered, and payment made via credit card*, on this tab. Cabin crew will be alerted via their fulfilment device once orders have been placed, and food will be served within 20 minutes to customers at their seats.

b) Scootalogue

Previously, inflight duty-free shopping only took place at a specific time during the flight. With ScootHub, customers can browse an extensive range of travel essentials, cosmetics, accessories, as well as exclusive Scoot merchandise in the comfortof their seats and make their purchases any time. Payment can be made via credit card on the portal,and cabin crew will deliverthe purchases to customers. The range of inflight duty-free shopping items available for sale will steadily grow, and by end-June 2021, customers will be able to access’s full range of items and delivery options.

c) What’s On

Replacing Scoot’s physical inflight magazines, customers will be able to discover inspirational travel and lifestyle content and, from April 2021 purchase ground attractions and experiences while inflight. For example, if a traveller is flying from Singapore to Melbourne, recommendations on where they can visit or dine in Melbourne will be available for purchase onboard and synced upon arrival, allowing them to immediately head to the attraction or restaurant after clearing immigration. This allows travel and hospitality brands to connect with travellers in more meaningful and mutually beneficial ways, and helps the brands to better understand customers’ spontaneous behaviour and preferences.

d) Map

Passengers can view the flight’s progress in real time via this live map. By end 2021, travel and hospitality brands can also offer relevant content to travellers through real- time geo-positioning on the map. This means that when passengers access the map, they will be able to see attractions, tours or experiences pinned on the map and they can click on the pinned location to find out more.

e) Poll

Scoot will obtain customers’ feedback on their inflight experience on the spot, while their experience is still fresh in their minds. Companies may also use this feature for market surveys so that they can better understand customers’ travel habits and consumption patterns, in return for incentives such as free drinks or snacks from the Scoot Café menu for customers who participate.

a) Inflight Services

Passengers travelling on our Boeing 787 Dreamliners will be able to purchase in-seat power directly on ScootHub to charge their gadgets during the flight. Onboard seat upgrades, currently suspended to facilitate contact tracing, will be enabled in a subsequent phase.

b) Games

To keep the young and young at heart entertained during their flights, a myriad of games are also available on the portal, ranging from colouring activities and puzzles, to fun-packed adventures and brain teasers.

Streamlining existing content offerings and packing new content formats onto a digital platform, it is estimated that Scoot will reduce paper consumption by more than 156 tonnesof paper (equivalent to over 2,000trees), translating to over 13 tonnes of fuel saved and over 41 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions reduced ayear**.

* Payment via credit card on the portal is targeted to be available by end-March 2021. In the meantime, payment for food and beverages is to be made by credit card to cabin crew.

** Based on 2019 flight data

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