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Milagrow launches India’s 1st Air Duct Cleaning robots

National, 6th January 2021: Indoor Air Quality has been troubling facility managers for quite some time now. Contaminated central air handling systems can become breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and other sources of biological contaminants and can then distribute these contaminants through the offices or homes. Indoor Healthy air has assumed greater significance in the fight against Covid 19.

To increase the safety of people working or living in enclosed environments, Milagrow, India’s No.1 service robots brand, has launched two advanced industry-grade duct cleaning robots. Milagrow Hydra & Milagrow Viper. Both the robots help with cleaning accumulated dirt, dust smut, etc in rectangular or round air ducts with a diameter between 100-350mm. This will be useful for facility managers across corporates, factories, hotels, restaurants, airports, healthcare companies, etc.

The latest addition to Milagrow’s product portfolio, Hydra is the world’s most versatile duct cleaning robot that cleans large and medium-sized rectangular or round ducts between 250-1000 mm in size. It can also climb up to 30 degrees. It comes with an extendable telescopic cleaning arm, 3-way camera to leave no dead corners. A rotation rate of 297 rpm, 360-degree maneuverability on its own axis, variable speed control provides it with huge versatility. The full set of Milagrow Hydra weighing includes a cleaning robot, smart control box, 20 m flexible cable, an 1800W, 60L vacuum cleaner, 4 types of brush heads for different size ducts.

Meanwhile, Milagrow Viper is the world’s thinnest, lightest, portable, compact, powerful duct cleaner that cleans round and rectangular ducts between 100-350mm. It comes with three PA 66 nylon brushes that have long durability and spins both sides and cleans efficiently without damaging the duct. Its footswitch makes for easy movement control whereas the flexible shaft bracket ensures easy storage. Viper’s Omni-directional wheel eases maneuvering around. The full set of Milagrow Viper includes the robot, control box, 10 m shaft/cable, sliding car, footswitch, and 3 types of brushes.

Priced at Rs. 1,199,000 and Rs. 3,99,000 respectively, both Hydra and Viper come with a 1 year comprehensive warranty.

Speaking on the launch, Mr. Rajeev Karwal, Founder Chairman of Milagrow Robots, said, “Today’s launch of Air Duct Cleaning Robots show our commitment to providing robotic and automation solutions to various chores or menial tasks where humans serve other humans at great risk to their own safety. Cleaning and maintaining Air Ducts was a very difficult task for facility managers and the launch of Milagrow Hydra and Viper air duct cleaning robots shall go a long way to make the task safe and also freeing up the time of manpower for higher value-added jobs.”

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