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India's Youngest Author: Book Launch

The Secret of the Goldbug Castle is taking the town by storm. Written by Tannistha Nandi, a 10-year-old, the book explores stories of courage and bravery in a world of fantasy and ‘Fantomese’. Compared to the likes of Enid Blyton’s series and Harry Potter, the little author has matched her writing with her inspirations beautifully. With vivid descriptions and rapid pace, the book is a gripping tale and only the first in the series ‘The Summeres Diaries’. On 5th December, 2017, the book was launched at Oxford Bookstores, Kolkata in the auspicious presence of Chief Guest Harshavardhan Neotia, Chairman of the Ambuja Neotia group, and Shri Vishambhar Saran, Chairman of Visa group with many eminent people from media and publishing. With kind words of encouragement from these prominent personalities, not only was author Tannistha inspired to reach greater heights, but children all across the city were encouraged to explore their talents. Ms Rupanjana De, Company Secretary and Lawyer, as well as an avid writer ( and mother of Tannistha), was also a part of the panel discussion that took place that evening. Dr. Paritosh Nandi, the young prodigy’s father said that the idea behind encouraging the child to write was to ensure that  she is exposed to the world of literature from a young age and is not trapped in the world of gadgets.More children coming across and unveiling their talents is what is required in a country like ours, where children are burdened down only by their academic pressures. Exploring hobbies and talents is a must for not only the development of the child, but also for the development of the country.

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