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1st International Conference on Sustainable Tourism by Touriosity Travelmag in Kolkata, 23-24th Aug

The conference will be an ideal platform for high-level theoretical research and empirical studies with policy-relevant analysis in regard to tourism and allied industries. It is designed to be an influential and challenging intellectual confluence not only for the business world but also for the society at large. The conference is an open platform for collaborations with National and International public and private research institutions, governmental bodies, professionals, representatives of industrial groups active in the policy arena and various stakeholders in the travel and tourism industry. We are collaborating with a number of national and international organisations for this conference.For registration you are requested to visit for the tracks and other issues.

For participation and /or submission of paper you are requested to email or call +91-9836511995 for further details.

Media registration will be onsite and you can email or call +91-9836511995 for further details.

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