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Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL, Bio Asia Pacific, and Future CHEM INTERNATIONAL in September 2022


VNU Asia Pacific, together with the Science and Technology Trade Association (STTA) and the Thailand Center of Excellence for Life Sciences (Public Organization) or TCELS, is organizing Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL 2022 – the 12th International Trade Exhibition and Conference on Analytical Laboratory & Technology, Biotechnology & Life Sciences, Chemical & Safety, as well as the 3rd Bio Asia Pacific, the New Leading Conference and Exhibition Platform for Biotechnology, Life Sciences and Smart Health in the Asia Pacific Region, and the 1st FutureCHEM INTERNATIONAL, the New Conference and Exhibition Platform Focusing on Innovative Solutions for the Chemical Industry. These three shows will be held from 14-16 September 2022, at Hall EH 102-104, BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand. Together, they will create a strong, collaborative business platform and marketplace under one roof for laboratory, life sciences, biotechnology, and chemical industries, based on the concept “The Integration of Technology and Innovation Platforms for Laboratory, Life Sciences and the Chemical Industry in the Asia Pacific Region.”

Thailand LAB INTERNATIONAL, Bio Asia Pacific, and FutureCHEM INTERNATIONAL will offer a one-stop solution for our trade participants with laboratory, life sciences, and chemical-related needs. This collaborative platform will showcase a wide range of technologies, ranging from Labtech, Biotech, and Medtech to Digital Health, Precision Medicine, Biopharma, and Smart Health Services to Chemical Solutions.

Over 90% of the exhibition space has been sold. More than 200+ leading companies from the related industries, both local and international, will exhibit on the show floor, presenting more than 500+ product brands. Numerous global brands, manufacturers, key local traders, and industry leaders, including ThermoFisher, Danaher, Agilent Technologies, Eppendorf, Sartorius, Mettler-Toledo, IKA, Merck, Perkin Elmer, Gibthai, Bara Scientific, Bio-Active, Geneplus, DKSH, Becthai, Science Tech, and Sithiporn Associates, will be presenting their new products and services, showing that Thailand’s Laboratory & Life Sciences Market is back on track and ready for business.

The highlight of the exhibition will be the new product launches by our top brands, which will include demonstrations by professionals to bring the products to life and allow traders to make informed purchase decisions. The exhibition will cover all the needs of every industry – whether laboratory equipment, safety for laboratory personnel, innovations in life science and biotechnology, innovations in the chemical industry, analysis and quality inspection of pharmaceutical products, vaccines, cosmetics, petrochemicals, or any other sector that requires laboratory equipment for integrated business development from start to finish.

The launch of new products and the validation of new applications and methods will be this year’s key features to attract trade visitors. The shows are expected to attract more than 10,000 potential buyers and trade visitors over the three show days. The exhibition space is significantly larger than in 2020, comprising the full 12,000+ square meters of Hall 102-104 of the Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition and Conference (BITEC). If you work in the Laboratory, Life Science, Biotechnology, Chemical, or any related industry or business, this is the exhibition not to miss this year!

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