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Spree Hospitality Elevates Mr. Sagar Khurana as the Chief Operating Officer

New Delhi, May 20, 2024- Spree Hospitality, a subsidiary of EaseMyTrip and a distinguished name in the hospitality industry announces the elevation of Mr. Sagar Khurana from the esteemed position of Executive Vice President to the pivotal role of Chief Operating Officer. With an illustrious career spanning over more than a decade and a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector, Mr. Khurana's promotion underscores his invaluable contribution to the company's success and growth trajectory.


Throughout his tenure as Executive Vice President, Mr. Khurana has demonstrated exceptional leadership, overseeing business activities, sales, and operations with a strategic and results-driven approach. His comprehensive understanding of the industry, honed through impactful roles in renowned organizations such as Citrus Hotels, Sinclair’s Group of Hotels, Godrej Tyson, and KFC, has positioned him as a valuable leader in the hospitality and food industry.


Mr. Khurana's leadership is characterized by a commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences and driving operational efficiency. His vision for success, rooted in quality education and extensive hands-on experience, aligns perfectly with Spree Hospitality's mission to redefine excellence in service and innovation.


Expressing his excitement about the new role, Mr Khurana stated; "As the travel industry evolves with groundbreaking innovations, I'm delighted to step into the role of Chief Operating Officer at Spree Hospitality. Having embarked on this journey with Spree Hospitality 11 years ago, the opportunity to now lead the company into a new era of growth fills me with immense pride and anticipation. Over the years with the company, I've seen its dedication to becoming the modern traveler's top choice—a brand synonymous with fun, great service, and efficiency. Leading this exceptional team, I'm excited to propel us to new heights, fulfilling our vision and exceeding expectations. Together, we'll continue to innovate and redefine hospitality, ensuring Spree Hospitality remains the ultimate destination for travelers worldwide."


As Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Khurana will continue to steer the group towards new heights of success, leveraging his industry insights, innovative mindset, and relentless pursuit of excellence to drive business growth and operational excellence.



About Spree Hospitality

Founded by Keshav Baljee in 2010, Spree Hospitality, a subsidiary of EaseMyTrip is India’s leading boutique and mid-market hospitality operator. Spree focuses on full-service, high-quality hotels across key destinations in India. Its tagline is “Do More” – which means going above and beyond for our guests, our partners, and our employees. By doing this, we convert normal “stays” to “Sprees”. Come Spree with us on your next stay. Spree currently operates over 30 properties across India, with many upcoming properties as well.

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