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EnVERT Electric unveils its first e-cycle EM18

Kolkata based EnVERT E-Vehicles unveils its first electric cycle which is going to disrupt the market primarily because of its price range. The cycle comes with 250 W DC motor and 24 Volt with absorbent glass mat battery.

The looks cool with a mat finish look with the following technical specification :EnVERT Electric Cycle EM18 comes with  comes with two modes i.e. manual (pedal only) and throttle (accelerator). It is powered by AGM battery which gives up to 20 kms of ride in a single charge, with a max speed of 25 km/hr. 

Full Throttle Mode (No manual pedaling)Turn the E-Cycle (motor) on by turning the key. If the cycle moves in an average of   50% of the top speed level the battery gives maximum output.  

Manual Pedaling Mode It is just like convention cycle riding.

Price of  the available e-cycles on the popular e-commerce websites starts from Rupees thirty thousand or so. Glarepost asked the CEO of EnVERT E-Vehicles Dr Paritosh Nandi about the price parity and the USP of their e-cycles and Dr Nandi said " all the popular e-commerce websites are selling the e-cycles majority of which are using  Lithium ion  batteries and that is why price remains in the higher side. In a year or two price of the lithium ion battery  is expected to come down  so is the e- cycles. For the last mile connectivity our range is moderately fine". He also added " Carry-in charging facility and detachable battery box is our USP"

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