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Cayman Islands go green in recognition of Covid-safe protocols

25 June 2021 - Yesterday’s announcement that the Cayman Islands - including all three islands Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac - have been added to the UK Government’s green list of destinations with effect from 4am GMT on 30 June, is evidence that the focus on a controlled return to international tourism is proving successful. Following the closure of its borders in March 2020, the Cayman Islands has kept the destination covid-safe while limiting access and imposing strict quarantine protocols.

The Cayman Islands is operating a phased reopening programme to international travellers, keeping a 5-day quarantine for fully vaccinated travellers in place until the data suggests it is safe to do otherwise. With an increasingly effective vaccination programme leading to 67% of the population having already received one dose of Covid-19 vaccination, 60% both doses, the islands look forward to welcoming UK travellers early next winter - bringing the prospect of sunshine, sand and sensational bucket-list experiences to UK travellers as it moves forward over the coming months to the next stage in welcoming a return of international visitors.

This British Overseas Territory is a premier luxury destination for UK and European visitors, Well known for its incredible beaches and recognised as one of the best diving and snorkelling locations in the world, the Cayman Islands also offer visitors opportunities to experience unique wildlife in its natural habitat.

The Cayman Islands are three idyllic islands nestled in the warm turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. Each island offers a unique experience, united by a warm Caymanian welcome in a truly outstanding natural environment. The islands enjoy an average temperature of around 28°C, perfect for a spot of sunshine all year-round, and particularly popular with those that know this stunning destination well for winter sun.

The islands offer an array of quality accommodation from beachfront villas and dive lodges to five-star hotels, all of which are within easy access of the beautiful ocean.

Food is an important part of the Cayman Islands experience and Grand Cayman alone boasts in excess of two hundred restaurants serving local and international cuisine. As well as sampling the delicious local delicacies, there are a whole host of of other activities and experiences to look forward to including the endless stretch of pristine white sand and palm trees that is 7-mile Beach and sailing, kayaking, jet skiing, kitesurfing and paddle boarding on the crystal clear waters surrounding the islands.

The area is a mecca for divers and snorkellers, with extraordinary marine life to witness first hand and Stingray City is a unique site where friendly wild stingrays congregate around a shallow sand bar in open waters, happily interacting with human visitors who arrive by boat for this extraordinary encounter.

Naturalists will love the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park where the rare, indigenous, blue iguana can be seen roaming freely. And a trip to the Cayman Islands is not complete without hopping over to the sister islands, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman.

Three islands not just one

On rugged Cayman Brac you can explore eight miles of nature trails, with educational information on flora and fauna displayed on plaques along the way. Little Cayman, the smallest of the three islands, has a population of 197, and an abundance of rare bird life - the perfect place to step away from a post-Covid world and relax in hammocks under shady palm trees.

Commenting on the latest developments, Adrian White, Regional Manager UK, Cayman Islands Department of Tourism says: “When the time is right, visitors will be able to discover that the Cayman Islands offers a host of memorable bucket-list experiences to even the most seasoned traveller.

With a perfect Caribbean climate and stunning ocean views, its wildlife and marine world, sandy bays and beach bars plus the range of fabulous hotels and restaurants provide just what everyone needs to recover from the recent stresses and strains of the pandemic. We recommend UK travellers take a closer look at what the Cayman Islands offer, particularly during the winter months, since all three islands offer unique experiences they will never forget.”

More information about the Cayman Islands’ current Covid protocols can be found at:

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