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Seven in ten Indian travelers agree they won’t be comfortable traveling until a Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine or treatment is in place (71%)


  • Over three in five travelers are excited about traveling again after lockdowns (63%)

  • The same amount are more appreciative of travel and will likewise not take it for granted in the future (63%)

  • Travelers also report that they plan to take a similar number of trips in the 12 months after travel restrictions are lifted in their country as they did in the year pre-pandemic:

Our time at home has made us crave the world outside more than ever:

  • 65% of travelers have a heightened desire to see even more of the world

  • 49% want to travel more in the future to make up for time lost in 2020

  • 50% will plan a trip to make up for a milestone celebration missed due to Coronavirus

  • 54% intend to rebook a trip they had to cancel

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