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Book Review: One stop solution to all your CSR queries

Bloomsbury India Professional recently launched the book “A Practical Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility - Law, Accounting and Taxation Aspects” written by CS Rupanjana De as a complete one stop solution to all problems and queries related to the rising concept of Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR, now a mandate for prescribed classes of companies under the Companies Act, 2013 has been growing in popularity with the aim of alleviating the crippling social problems of India that have been decaying the country for decades. The book not only focuses on a company’s legal aspects of complying with the norms, but also discusses which related aspects of Schedule VII are allowed or disallowed as activities of CSR. The book has lucidated on the accounting aspects, disclosures, taxation aspects, practical problems and solutions for understanding the various norms, and the history of CSR, and implementation of this concept in other countries have been penned impeccably by Ms De. A research of CSR spending by top companies has also been shown in the book to understand the path in which CSR is headed for the development of the country. Perhaps the first guide on CSR in the market, this book is set to be a forerunner in the field of corporates striving to do better in the social sector, and for the layman, students and professionals with a knack for CSR.

Ms De, apart from being a practicing Company Secretary (with an expertise in the field of CSR) is a gold Medalist in Economics, LLM and EMLE. She is a regular speaker at events organized by ICSI, ICAI, ICMAI and other professional events and a regular contributor to journals published by the same. Editor of her own brainchild, Touriosity TravelMag, a theme based travel magazine, she has also co-authored the famed book, “Company Law Ready Referencer” which had a grand launch at Bengal Chamber of Commerce and Industries last year in the presence of esteemed dignitaries and received accolades from across the corporate world.

Priced at Rs. 795 per copy, the book is available at bookstores across the country as well as on online shopping sites. (

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