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Artisanal Chocolates and Coffee for Festive Gifting

9 December 2020: Festive season calls for heartfelt gifting. This year choose chocolates and coffee from artisanal India brands to express love and gratitude to loved ones.

Artisanal chocolates from Colocal

Launched in October 2020, Colocal is an artisanal chocolate brand with a flagship chocolate factory and casual dining cafe at Dhan Mill in Delhi. The Indian brand is now popular for it’s handcrafted dark chocolates made with pure cacao, cocoa butter, and raw cane sugar. The brand does not use any preservatives or artificial flavourings in its chocolate bars.

Colocal dark chocolate inclusion bars are available in 55%, 66%, 72%, and 85% dark variants. Flavours available are caramel, sea salt, and nuts.

Price starts at INR 250 per bar.

To place orders call +91 93105 24620.

Specialty Indian-origin coffee from Roastery Coffee

Roastery Coffee is amongst the best specialty coffee roasters in India, with cafes in Hyderabad and Kolkata. Roastery Coffee brings fresh, seasonal coffee sourced from handpicked coffee farms across Southern India. It is one of the finest brands of artisanal coffee in the country today.

Choose from a variety of specialty coffee for gifting this season to let your loved ones enjoy a pleasurable home brewing experience. The range includes Harley Estate Grapa, Black Honey (Balur Estate), Monsoon Malabar, Thogarihunkal Estate Honey Sundried Coffee, Carbonic Maceration (Harley Estate), to name a few. Apart from coffee beans, one can also buy coffee sachets and equipment from Roastery Coffee.

Roastery coffee beans are available in packaging of 250gms, 500gms and 1kg.

Price starts at INR 375 onwards.

To place online orders visit

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