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Telangana Tourism Policy

Tourism Policy






Commissioner / Director
Department of Tourism

Tank Bund Road, Near Lumbini Park, Hyderabad- 500 063
Phone: +91-40-23459282, Fax: +91-40-23222143


Government of Telangana
Department of Tourism
Tank Bund Road, Hyderabad - 500 063

Notice No: 1781/Homestay/C1/2016 Dated: 26.07.2016

Applications are invited from private investors, individuals to develop Home Stay establishments in Telangana. Details of applications may be downloaded from the website: All other details including any clarifications, amendments, etc., will be uploaded only on the website and will not be published in newspapers. Hence, applicants shall regularly visit the above website to keep themselves updated.


1.1. Though adequate care has been taken in the preparation of this Guidelines, the Applicants should satisfy themselves that the document is complete in all respects. Intimation of discrepancy, if any, should be given to the commissioner / Director at the address mentioned. In case, no such intimation is received, it shall be deemed that the applicants are satisfied that the document is complete in all respects.

Commissioner / Director

Department of Tourism

Tank Bund Road, Near Lumbini Park

Hyderabad- 500 063

Phone: +91-40-23459282, Fax: +91-40-23222143



1.2. Neither Department nor its employees nor consultants will have any liability to any prospective Applicant or any other person under the law of contract, for any loss, expense or damage which may arise from or be incurred or suffered in connection with anything contained in this document.

1.3. The applicable laws for the purpose are the laws of India. Courts of Telangana will have jurisdiction concerning or arising out of this document.

1.4. Commissioner / Director of Tourism, Dept. of Tourism reserves the right to accept or reject any applications.


Government of Telangana’s vision is to make Telangana a quality destination through rational utilization of resources, development of innovative tourism products for Marketing the new state of Telangana and positioning it as popular Global Destination. It will emerge as one of the Top Ten Destinations of India by 2025 and Top 5 destination by 2030.

Being a Progressive State, the Government of Telangana is taking necessary steps to provide an environment conducive to economic and social growth. These include formulation of investment friendly policies, creating world-class infrastructure, improving governance and taking necessary steps to attract investments into the state.

With an intention of setting up of Home stays throughout the State, the Government of Telangana is inviting applications from interested individuals who wish to partner for development of Home Stays in their houses. The Government would act as a facilitator for this Scheme.

Opportunity Snapshot

Opportunities are abundant in the newly formed state of Telangana. The state is blessed with enormous variety of tourist attractions - Forests and Wildlife, Heritage and Culture, Pilgrimage, Rural /Tribal Culture, Handicrafts, Cuisine, Sophisticated Amusement Parks, Multiplexes. The state encompasses reasonably good core infrastructure (i.e. Power, Roads & Communications). There is tremendous scope for tourism development and has vast potential for attracting large number of tourists from across the globe.


Hotels and other supplementary accommodation are an integral part of a tourists visit to place and the services offered by them can make his/her visit memorable. With the aim of providing comfortable home stay facilities of standardized world class services to the tourists, and to supplement the availability of accommodation in the district head quarters,

rural areas and tourist destinations, Telangana Government will classify Fully Operational rooms of Home Stay Facilities as “Telangana Tourism Home Stay Establishments”. The

basic idea is to provide clean and comfortable place for foreigners and domestic tourists alike including an opportunity for foreign/domestic tourists to stay with family to experience the local customs and traditions and relish authentic Telangana Cuisine. The applicant can act as both hosts and guides to the visiting tourist. The houses have to be clean, hygienic environment with modern facilities for comfort of visitors. The applicants are supposed to Provide home cooked food.

In line with the Government’s objective to providing comfortable home stay facilities of standardized world class services to the tourists, and to supplement the availability of

accommodation in the district head quarters, rural areas and tourist destinations, in Telangana as hubs for domestic and international tourists.

The intention of the Government is to act as a facilitator between promoters and Tourists (Customers). With this document, Government of Telangana now invites applications from interested Promoters (here after referred as “interested parties” or “applicant” in this document), who are technically and financially capable of providing existing rooms or building additional rooms at various locations of Telangana as Home Stay units.


a) The project envisages a public and private sector partnership with the Government acting as a promoter.

b) Telangana Tourism selects the Home stay Establishments according to a fixed norms and also benchmarks the Houses and monitors the delivery of services rendered by the units.

c) Telangana Tourism will duly publicise all the approved establishments in its brochures, website and other publicity material and also promote during the tourism events wherever Telangana Tourism is participating. A directory of all such approved establishments will also be prepared, so as to enable domestic as well as foreign tourists to live in a homely environment and to take the advantage of the scheme.

d) In addition, efforts will be made to organize short term training in hospitality trade to those who would opt for such training.


Advertisements for seeking applications of the “Telangana Tourism Home Stay Establishments” are released from time to time to register new units. Physical inspection of the Home stay Units is done by the Committee of officers of Telangana Tourism. Those units which fulfill the norms/conditions/requirements as per the set guidelines are then considered for registration by Telangana Tourism.


Tourism always has multiplier effect and here too it was envisaged that the tourists trips and associate spending will make significant contribution to economy and improve quality of life of the host population. Home Stay Establishments will be a source of additional income to the families. Besides it provides them with an opportunity to interact socially with various kinds of visitors, elevating their social status and enriching their lives in general.


1. Telangana Tourism Home Stay will be categorized as follows

a. Silver

b. Gold

2. Telangana Tourism Home Stay establishments will be given only to the residential premises where the owner along with the family physically resides in the same establishment and letting out minimum one room & maximum five (5) rooms (10 beds) .

3. The scheme will be on Home Stay basis and charges will have to be levied accordingly. The type of breakfast to be offered will have to be specified, the charges will have to be displayed and the visitors will have to be informed in advance so as to avoid unnecessary dispute.

4. Once an establishment applies for classification, it will have to be ready at all times for inspection by the Classification Committee. No requests for deferment of inspection will be entertained.

5. Classification will be valid for Two years from the date of issue of orders. Further before expiry, the Home Stay Unit should apply Three(3) months in advance for renewal of the Unit.

6. Telangana Tourism Home stay Establishments applying for classification will have to provide all the information supported by required documents as per the following formats:

a) Application format as at Annexure –I.

b) Checklist of facilities as at Annexure –II.

c) Undertaking as at Annexure –III.

d) Police NOC at Annexure- IV

7. The application fees payable for classification/reclassification of Home stay will be as follows. The demand draft will have to be payable to "Commissioner / Director of

Tourism, Government of Telangana, Hyderabad”.

Star Category For Classification/Reclassification
Silver Rs. 2,000/-
Gold Rs. 4,000/-

8. An Telangana Tourism Home stay Establishment will be classified into the following two stage procedure. –

a) The presence of facilities and services will be evaluated against the enclosed Checklist. (Checklist will have to be duly filled in and signed on all pages and submitted along with the application).

b) The quality of facilities and services will be evaluated by the Classification Committee. Due preference will be accorded to the homes, which are able to provide Indian experience by way of local décor, authentic and exotic Indian cuisine etc.

9. The Classification Committee as specified in the guidelines will inspect and asses the home stay establishments, based on facilities and services offered.

The Classification Committee will consist of the following:

a) A representative of the Telangana Tourism Department

b) Assistant Director, India Tourism-Hyderabad

c) Principal, IHM, Hyderabad

d) A representative of the concerned Police Station.

e) A Representative from IATO.

f) A representative from TAAI.

10. The Chairman and any 3 members will constitute quorum. The recommendation of the Committee will be approved by the Commissioner / Director of Tourism, Government of Telangana.

11. Any deficiencies/rectifications pointed out by the Classification Committee will have to be complied within the stipulated time which will be allotted in consultation with the representative /representatives of the establishment during inspection. Failure to do so will result in rejection of the application.

12. The Committee may recommend to the Commissioner / Director of Tourism, Govt. of Telangana a category either higher or lower than the one applied for. In case the category applied for is higher than the one recommended by the Committee, then the applicant will have to deposit the required fee for the recommended category.

However, in case of the category recommended being lower than the one applied for, then there will be no refund of extra classification fee.

13. The Telangana Tourism Home stay Establishment will be expected to maintain required standards at all times. The Commissioner / Director of Tourism, Govt. of Telangana could authorize a surprise inspection of the establishment at any time without previous notice.

14. Any changes in the facilities of the Home stay Establishment will have to be informed to the Commissioner / Director of Tourism, Govt. of Telangana within 30 days. If any violation of this comes to the notice of the Committee then the classification will stand withdrawn/ terminated.

15. It is mandatory to maintain a visitor’s book and remarks obtained from the guests and the same is forwarded every month to Tourism Department, Government of Telangana.

16. The owner of the Home Stay is responsible for any casualty which may occur during the stay of the visitors and is liable to provide immediate medical and transportation assistance. Any loss sustained during the casualty will be compensated to the victim by the Home Stay owner. The Home Stay owner will be required to give an affidavit to this effect at the time of registration.

17. Commissioner / Director of Tourism, Govt. of Telangana may cancel the registration, if any complaint of any nature is received against the home stay owner.

18. No logo or name of the Telangana Tourism will be displayed in any form including the printed publicity material, cash receipt, letter heads, rubber stamps etc. By the Home Stay owners. Violation of this condition will attract cancellation of registration.

19. Any change in tariff, discontinuation of activity or inclusion of new activity from the tourism point of view implemented by the Home Stay owner should be conveyed to Telangana Tourism.

20. Hostels, Guest Houses, Club Houses, Paying Guest accommodation and any such type of accommodation where the owner/promoter of the establishment along with his/her family doesn’t reside within the same establishment are not eligible under this scheme.

21. Safety and security of the guests is the responsibility of the home stay owner.

22. All cases of classification would be finalized within 30 days of the application being made to the Commissioner / Director of Tourism, Govt. of Telangana in all respect.

23. In case of any dissatisfaction with the decision of the Committee, the establishment may appeal to the Commissioner / Director of Tourism, Govt. of Telangana for review and reconsideration within 30 days of receiving the communication regarding classification/ reclassification. No requests will be entertained beyond this period.

24. The rate of taxes for property, electricity and water to be paid for classified Home stay Establishments will be those prescribed by the appropriate authorities.

25. Department of Tourism, Government of Telangana reserves the right to modify the guidelines/terms and conditions from time to time.

26. The applications along with the requisite fees may be sent to:-

Commissioner / Director

Department of Tourism, Govt. of Telangana Tank Bund Road, Near Lumbini Park

Hyderabad- 500 063 Phone: +91-40-23459282, Fax: +91-40-23222143



Annexure – I

Application form for Registration of Home Stay Establishment

1. Name of the Home stay Establishment

2. Category applied for

3. Name and address of the promoters/owners with a note on their background

4. Complete postal address of the Home stay Establishment

a) Tel. no

b) Fax

c) E-mail

d) Mobile No. of the promoter

5. Distance of the Homestay Establishment in kms. from:

a) Airport

b) Railway Station

c) City Centre

d) Nearest main shopping centre

e) Nearest bus stand /scheduled city bus stop

6. Details of the Home stay Establishment:

(a) Whether owned or leased please enclose (copies of sale/ lease deed to be enclosed)

(b) Whetherbuildingplanis

approved from local authorities

(copy to be enclosed)

(c) Width of road on which

establishment is located

(d) Details of parking available in the establishment and or its vicinity

(e) Plot area (Sq. mtrs.)
(f) Covered area (Sq. mtrs) (g)

(g) Number of rooms in the establishment

(i) single-bed (size of each room)

(ii) double-bed (size of each room)

(h) Number of rooms (with attached

bathrooms & WC) offered for

letting- out under the scheme

(i) Whether clearance obtained from

police regarding the antecedents of the owners and proposed activity (copy to be enclosed)

(j) Details of common areas for the following facilities in

(I) Lobby/Lounge

(II) Dining space

(III) Parking facilities

(k) Additional facilities available if any (not mandatory)

(i) Eco-friendly facilities

(ii) Facilities for differently abled persons

(iii) Internet Facility

(l) Details of Fire Fighting Equipment/hydrants etc. if any

7. Type of food to be provided.

8. Tariff for rooms

(a) Single-room

(b) Double-room

9. Details of payment for registration

(a) Demand Draft Number and date

(b) Amount

10. Photographs of the building including interiors showing types of facilities available, bathroom, living room, bedroom, parking etc.

11. Details of enclosures

1) Note on background of the promoter

2) Particulars of family of the promoter/person authorized residing with him in the establishment giving age, profession and relationship of each with the owner/ person

3) Check list details as per Annexure II (enclose a copy of the checklist duly certified that the facilities are available in the establishment)

4) Consent of acceptance of the regulatory conditions (please enclose a copy of the prescribed undertaking as per Annexure III duly signed by the owner of the establishment)

5) Annexure IV ( Police Verification)

6) DD for Rs.

The information and documents provided above are covered and authentic to the best of my knowledge

Signature and Name of the
owner in block letters



Annexure II

Checklist for approval & registration of “Home Stay' Establishment

Sl. General Silv Gol Certification of the Observations
No. er d establishment of the
regarding the Classification
facilities Yes/No Committee
1 Well maintained and well equipped *M M
house and guest rooms with
quality carpets/ area rugs/ tiles or
marble flooring, furniture, fittings
etc. in keeping with the traditional
2 Sufficient parking with adequate **D M
road width
3 Guest rooms:
Minimum one let-table room and
maximum 5 rooms (10 beds). M M
All rooms should be clean, airy,
pest free, without dampness and
with outside window/ ventilation.
4 Minimum floor area in sq. ft. for 120 200
each room.

5 Comfortable bed with good M M
quality linen & bedding
preferably of Indian design.

6 Attached Private Bathrooms with M M
every room along with toiletries.
7 Minimum Size of each 30 40
bathroom in square feet.

8 WC toilet to have a seat and lid, M M
toilet paper.

9 24 hours running hot & cold water M M
with proper sewage Connections.

10 Water saving taps/shower D M

11 Well maintained smoke free, M M
clean, hygienic, odour
free, pest free kitchen.

12. Dining area serving fresh M M
Continental and / or
traditional Indian breakfast.

13. Good quality cutlery and M M

14 Air-conditioning / heating depending M M
conditions with room temp. between
Centigrade in the offered room.
15 Iron with iron board on request. M M

16 Internet Connection. M M

17 A 15 amp earthed power socket D M
in the guest room.

18. Telephone with extension D M
facility in the room.

19. Wardrobe with at least 4 M M
clothes hangers in the guest

20. Shelves or drawer space in the M M
guest rooms.

21. Complimentary aqua-guard / M M
RO/mineral water.

22. Good quality chairs, working M M
table and other necessary

23. Washing Machines/dryers in the D M
house with arrangements for
laundry/ dry cleaning services.
24. Refrigerator in the room. D M

25. A lounge or seating D M
arrangement in the lobby area.

26. Heating and cooling to be D M
provided in enclosed public

27. Garbage disposal facilities as M M
per Municipal laws.

28. Acceptance of cash/ cheque/ M M

29. Message facilities for guests. M M

30. Name, address and telephone M M
number of doctors.

31. Left luggage facilities. M M

32. Assistance with luggage on D M

33. Safekeeping facilities in the D M

34. Smoke/heat detectors in the D D

35. Security guard facilities. D M

36. Maintenance of register for N M
guest check-in and check-out
records including passport details
in case of foreign tourists.

* ‘M’ stands for mandatory
* ‘D’ stands for desirable

Note:* The grading in the various categories will depend on the quality of accommodation, facilities and services provided.

Annexure III

Format for Undertaking


The Commissioner / Director,

Department of Tourism,

Govt. Of Telangana,



I have read and understood all the terms and conditions mentioned in the guidelines with respect to the approval and registration of the Telangana Tourism Home stay Establishment and hereby agree to abide by them. The information and documents provided are correct and authentic to the best of my knowledge.

Signature and name of the

owner in block letters



Annexure IV


This is to certify that Shri/Smt/Km ................................................……............

Son/wife/daughter of ……………………………………………………………………….

………………………………………..(address) since ………………………………(year)

and an applicant applying for registration of his premises under the Telangana Tourism Home Stay of the Department of Tourism, Govt. of Telangana, bears a good reputation and that there are no adverse remarks/entries made against him/her or any members of his/her family at this Police Station.

(Signature of S.H.O)

along with stamp and address




S Name Age Perman Phone Nation Passport Number (a) Date From Purpose Signature
l. of ent Number ality (Photo copy of and time of where the of visit
N guest Address Passport & ID checking-in guest has
o (s) Proof to be (b) checkin arrived
enclosed) g-out

Form of Notice to owners for removal of the name of his establishment from the Directory

Whereas your residential premises at registered as an Establishment under Telangana Tourism Home Stay Establishment.

And Whereas, it is hereby, inform you that Shri ............ has complained to the undersigned that



and gives you notice to show cause why action should not be taken against you, including removal of the name of your establishment from the directory and revocation of its certificate of registration, within a fortnight of the receipt of this notice, failing which it would be presumed that you have no explanation to make and thus necessary action as per law shall be taken without further notice.

Commissioner / Director Tourism

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