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Tamilnadu Tourism Policy

Tourism Policy

Tourism, Culture and

Religious Endowments Department






Minister for Tourism


Government of Tamil Nadu



Demand No.29

POLICY NOTE 2016 – 2017


Sl. Subject Page
No. No.

1. Tourism - Introduction 1
2. International Tourism Scenario 4
3. Tourism in India 6
4. Tourism in Tamil Nadu 7
5. Tourist Arrivals to Tamil Nadu 8
6. Goals of Tourism Department 10
7. Tourism Industry 11
8. Fairs & Festivals 17
9. Participation in Domestic Travel 21
10. World Tourism Day Celebrations 23
11. Domestic Publicity Campaigns 23
12. National Tourism Award 24
13. Human Resource Development 24
14. Publicity and Marketing 25
15. Publicity – Advertisements 25
16. International Travel Marts and 26
Publicity Campaigns abroad
17. State Institute of Hotel 31
Management and Catering

Subject Page
No. No.

Technology (SIHMCT), Thuvakudi,
18. Indian Dance Festival 33
19. Guide Training 35
20. Tourist Security Organisation 36
21. Tourism Infrastructure 38
22. Asian Development Bank – IDIPT 43
Project (Infrastructure Development
Investment Programme for Tourism)
23. Tamil Nadu Tourism Development 47
Hotels Division 47
Boat Houses 48
Transport Division 49
Fair Division 50
Marketing initiatives of TTDC 50
E-Governanceinitiativesof 51
Improvement works undertaken 52
by TTDC during the year 2015-16
24. Major initiatives to be executed in 53
the year 2016-17
25. Conclusion 53




Demand No.29


POLICY NOTE – 2016-2017


Tourism promotes National Integration and

International understanding. It encourages preservation of monuments, heritage properties and eco-sanctuaries, helps survival of traditional art forms, crafts and culture. It has achieved rapid strides due to its capacity to earn foreign exchange, generate employment opportunities and inculcate a sense of fraternity in the minds of people.


The economic liberalization, open-sky aviation policy, luxury cruises, improved surface transport, tourist trains, increased business travel and e-booking facilities have created a paradigm change in the tourism sector. From a mere service industry, tourism has transformed into a major revenue generating industry.

For the development of Tourism in Tamil Nadu, the Department of Tourism and Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) were formed. The Department of Tourism concentrates on dissemination of Tourism

information and implementation of tourist infrastructure schemes for the benefit of the

tourists. The TTDC on the other hand was assigned the job of conducting package tours,


running of Hotels (Hotel Tamil Nadu) and maintaining of boat houses. Over the years, the Tourism Industry in Tamil Nadu has registered a good growth.

Tourism development is an important catalyst for a rapidly growing economy like India. Its primary importance lies in the contribution to employment, income generation and foreign exchange inflow. Tourism is defined as travel for recreation, leisure, religious, family or business, medical, adventure, sports, education and research, usually for a limited duration.

Tourism is commonly referred to as travel to another place within or outside the country. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) defines Tourists as people “travelling to


and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than one year for leisure, business and other purposes”.
International Tourism Scenario

The World Tourism Organization (WTO) plays a vital role in promoting the development of responsible, sustainable and universally acceptable tourism and is paying particular attention to the interests of developing countries.

People in general now view tourism as a way of life rather than a luxury reserved for the affluent and the elite. Tourism has emerged as the largest service industry globally in terms of gross revenue, as well as foreign exchange earnings.


With rapid development in the field of transport and communications, the size of the global tourism industry is likely to double in the next

decade. The 21st century will see a higher percentage of the total population travelling, especially in developing countries and people will be going on holidays more often. Travellers will also be going farther and farther. Tourism is the industry of industries and has a great multiplier effect on other industries. Tourism serves as an effective medium for transfer of wealth because here income earned in places of “residence” is spent in places of “visit”.

Tourism industry is the highest generator of employment. Out of every nine persons, one person earns a living from tourism. For every million


rupees of investment, 13 jobs are created in manufacturing industries, 45 jobs in agriculture and 89 jobs in hotels and restaurants. Tourism is considered to be an important area of intensive development for all Governments. As the fastest growing foreign exchange earner, especially, in developed countries, it is being given priority. The service providers play a vital role in ensuring a safe and comfortable trip for the tourists.

Tourism in India

India has emerged as the fastest-growing market in Asia in terms of international tourist spending. India has incredible Monuments, Forts, Palaces, Temples, Beaches, Wild Life Sanctuaries, Memorials, Music and Dance. There is vibrancy of the culture, both ancient and modern.


The economic and social conditions prevailing in India today have created huge growth in domestic tourism. The economic growth achieved by the country over the years has created a powerful middle class with reasonable affluence and disposable income. The ‘visa on arrival’ scheme introduced by Government of India, will enhance foreign tourist arrivals. The tourism industry in India is economically important and it is growing rapidly.

Tourism in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is a State with multifarious tourist attractions. It has mountains, verdant vegetation, sandy beaches, mammoth monuments, timeless temples, fabulous wildlife, scintillating


sculptures and reverberating rural life. It has picturesque spots, continuing heritage, cultural confluence and aesthetic magnificence. Tourism is declared as an “Industry”.

Tourist Arrivals to Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is ranked first in both domestic and foreign tourist arrivals in 2014 and 2015 consecutively in the country. Many steps are being taken to sustain the Top position in both domestic and foreign tourist arrivals in the ensuing years.

Targeted promotional strategies and extensive marketing campaigns through print and electronic media at the national and international levels and creation and upgradation of basic amenities and infrastructure at tourist destinations


have resulted in the increase of tourist arrivals to

Tamil Nadu.

(in Lakhs)

Year Domestic Foreign Total

2012 1841.37 35.62 1876.99
2013 2442.32 39.90 2482.22
2014 3275.55 46.58 3322.13
2015 3334.59 46.85 3381.44


Goals of Tourism Department

1. Creation of tourist infrastructure facilities at tourist centres with State and Central

funds. Tourism Department will encourage tourism entrepreneurs.

2. Conduct of capacity building training programmes to impart quality service to the tourists visiting Tamil Nadu.

3. To enhance service delivery providing adequate and correct tourist information

to the tourists Guide Training Programmes are being conducted.

4. ForencouragementofTourism

Stakeholders, awareness Seminar programmes will be conducted involving


strengthening the mutual cordial relationships.


Tourism Industry

Tamil Nadu is a forerunner in tourism sector in the country. Tourism in recent times has transformed from a service sector into a major export industry. The State holds the position of pride with 5 UNESCO Heritage sites in India, being the highest number. The State is well connected with sea ports, best roads and rail connectivity, besides being the only State with four international airports offering direct connectivity to many countries. With peace loving people and good law & order, the State offers right business environment and desired linkages, along with all necessary infrastructure for investors.

The “Vision Tamil Nadu 2023” outlines a road map for the growth in the State, covering all


the major sectors in the economy. The State has emerged as a preferred investment destination ranked high among the investors for fostering growth and empowering an efficient and competitive market place. The State has always offered a climate of uninterrupted growth and economic resilience.

Department of Tourism is the major catalyst for tourism promotion in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu Tourism is taking various steps to attract both domestic and foreign tourists. Marketing Meets, Publicity Campaigns and Exhibitions are conducted at potential regions at domestic and overseas levels. The multifarious tourist attractions, excellent Law and Order, connectivity to destinations, tourist


facilities for luxury and budget travel, tourist friendliness are highlighted in marketing activities.

In Tamil Nadu, Chennai Port Trust and Thoothukudi Port Trust are attracting Cruises. Tamil Nadu Tourism Department has suggested to the tour operators to modify the tours, so as to make them spend more time on shore and visit more tourist places for a minimum of three to four days. This will help to generate more revenue and provide an opportunity to spend money on other travel related areas and shopping on handicrafts items. This will help to improve the economy of the State and the Country. This year, two cruise ships have arrived at Chennai Port and Tamil Nadu Tourism has extended good co-ordination with


Chennai Port Trust and other Departments, for providing a warm welcome to the Cruise passengers.

Coastal tourism is based on a unique resource combination at the border of land and sea environment; sun, water, beaches, outstanding scenic views, rich biological diversity etc. Based on these resources, various tourism products have been developed in many coastal destinations such as well-maintained beaches, water sports, boat-trips, cruises, bird watching tours etc. Our Coast line in Tamil Nadu is dotted with other tourist attractions like Temples, Historical monuments, Forts etc.


Creation of Public Convenience, Wayside Amenities, Watch Towers, Development of Walkway, Upgradation of Beach Front Pockets, Installation of CCTV Cameras, Information Signages, Erection of First Aid Kiosks and development of Arts & Crafts Villages are the proposed works. Para-Sailing, Windsurfing, Water Scooter, Banana Boating, Water Skiing, Sand Art are the proposed activities for the development of Beach Tourism.

The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, has launched the “Swadesh Darshan” scheme with a vision to develop theme based tourist circuits on the principles of high tourist value, competitiveness and sustainability in an integrated manner by synergizing efforts to focus on needs


and concerns of all stakeholders to enrich tourist experience and enhance employment opportunities. The Department of Tourism has identified the consultant for the preparation of DPR with focus on development of world class tourism product.

Eco Tourism has to be developed on sustainable basis without causing damage to environment and wildlife by integrating facilities at hill stations, wild life sanctuaries and national parks

for the benefit of tourists. While promoting eco-friendly destinations, the carrying capacity of the destinations will be taken into consideration and the local community is to be made actively involved in all developmental activities, to ensure inclusive development. Pachamalai in Tiruchirapalli district


has been developed as eco-tourism centre by creating facilities for tourists.

Fairs & Festivals

Tamil Nadu Tourism is working with an objective to promote Tamil Nadu as an attractive international tourist destination and sustain its leading position. This improves the economy of the

State. The unlimited tourism potential of the State needs to be highlighted nationally and internationally to increase the tourist arrivals. The rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu is one of the important tourist attractions. The foreign tourists have special liking for Tamil Nadu because of its art, culture, architecture, heritage, traditional crafts, cuisine etc. The festivals, particularly dance and


music festivals are attracting large number of domestic and foreign tourists.

Promoting important festivals, publicizing tourist attractions in India and abroad, conducting publicity campaigns in all major cities in India & abroad and participating in the International Travel Marts are the efforts made by this Department to increase the domestic and foreign tourist arrivals. Domestic and foreign tourist arrivals are generally high during the cultural and festival seasons.

Summer festivals are conducted at important hill stations – Ooty, Kodaikanal, Yercaud, Yelagiri, Kolli Hills, Kalvarayan Hills, Javvadhu Hills and Valparai.


Tamil Nadu Tourism will continue to conduct

the following festivals every year for the benefit of

tourists and to highlight the Cultural heritage of the


 Pongal Tourist Festival - January
 Hot Air Balloon Festival, - January
 Book Fair at Perambalur - January
 Sail and Surf Festival at - January
 Melattur Bhagavatha Mela, - May
 Summer Festival at all - May
Hill Stations
 Kodai Kondattam at - May
 Saral Thiruvizha, Courtallam - July /
 Aadipperukku Vizha, - July /
Hogenakkal August


 Valvil Ori Vizha at Kolli - July /
Hills, Namakkal District August
 Adi Perun Thiruvizha, - August
Thirumoorthy Malai
 World Tourism Day - September
 Sadhaya Vizha, Thanjavur - September /
 Deepam Festival, - November /
Tiruvannamalai December
 Tea and Tourism Festival, - November /
Udhagamandalam December
 Vaikunda Egadasi Festival, - December /
Srirangam January
 Indian Dance Festival, - December /
Mamallapuram January

To make the Tourist destinations prominent,

Tamil Nadu Tourism has participated in the

Government Exhibitions held at Madurai,

Tirunelveli, Thoothukudi, Tiruvannamalai,

Tiruchirapalli, Coimbatore, Salem,


Kanniyakumari & Vellore and showcased the

tourism attractions, which include lesser known



To focus on inbound tourism and buyer seller meet with an objective to reinforce Tamil Nadu as world class tourism destination, opportunity to interact with foreign buyers and Indian sellers, policy makers, investors, members of media, Tamil Nadu Tourism participates in the Tourism and Travel Marts, Tourism Fairs organized by Tourism Departments of other States and reputed agencies to showcase the Tourism potential of Tamil Nadu.


Tamil Nadu Tourism has participated in the following events :-

• Great Indian Travel Bazaar, Jaipur, Rajasthan

• Global Exhibition on Tourism – (GET India) at New Delhi

• India International Travel Mart (IITM), Chennai

• South India Hotels & Restaurants Association’s (SIHRA) Convention, Hyderabad

• Global Investors Meet 2015 (GIM), Chennai

• 31stIndian Association of Tour Operators
(IATO) Annual Convention, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

• Maharashtra International Travel Mart (MITM), Mumbai

• 14th Annual General Meeting and the 4th Annual Convention of the Indian Heritage Hotels Association (IHHA), Rathambhore, Rajasthan

• 4th Handicraft and Cultural Village at Innovative Film city, Bidali, Bengaluru

• South Asia Travel and Tourism Exhibition (SATTE), New Delhi


• 21 Gun Salute International Vintage Car Rally and Concurs Show, New Delhi

• Film Tourism workshop / Film Bazaar, Goa

World Tourism Day Celebrations

World Tourism Day is celebrated at different

tourist centres in Tamil Nadu on September 27th every year with a view to create awareness on Tourism and its importance. This Department has also organized a number of activities ‘Cleanliness Campaign’, ‘Tourism Awareness Campaign’ and ‘Tourism Seminars’ at important tourist spots.

Domestic Publicity Campaigns

To attract domestic tourists to Tamil Nadu, domestic publicity campaigns are conducted in the potential regions every year. During 2015-16, Publicity campaign was conducted at Raipur in


Chattisgarh State. There was a great response from the media and travel trade. The Publicity campaigns will be conducted in the coming years to attract more domestic tourists to Tamil Nadu.
National Tourism Award

Tamil Nadu Tourism received National Tourism Award for Tranquebar under the category “Civic Management of a Tourist Destination” for the year 2013-14. The award was received from His Excellency, the President of India at New Delhi during September 2015.

Human Resource Development

There are 38 Tourist Offices (6 in other States) and 21 Tourist Information Centres (5 in other States) functioning for the dissemination of tourist information to the tourists and to look after


the tourism promotional activities. The list of Offices is given in Annexures I and II.

Publicity and Marketing

Tamil Nadu Tourism is gearing up for the effective and innovative publicity to bring the attention of the tourists across the globe to make them to visit Tamil Nadu, the number one tourist destination in the Country.

Publicity - Advertisements

Tamil Nadu Tourism has launched a series of Domestic and International print campaigns, which are released in various Domestic and International In-Flight Magazines. Advertisements are released in leading International and Domestic Travel Magazines as well.


International Travel Marts and Publicity Campaigns abroad

The tourism wealth of the State has to be publicized and marketed both domestically and internationally, so as to increase the tourist arrivals manifold. Tamil Nadu Tourism is marketing its potential through publicity marketing meets within the country and abroad, participation in domestic travel marts and international travel marts.

Tamil Nadu Tourism is participating every year in the International Travel Marts for the promotion of Tourism wealth. The tourism stakeholders have also been encouraged to participate in these travel marts in the Tamil Nadu Tourism pavilion. These have helped a lot in increasing the tourist arrivals. The following are the


important International Travel Marts in which Tamil Nadu Tourism had participated in the previous years.

PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) Travel Mart

Tamil Nadu Tourism participated in PATA Travel Mart held at Bengaluru-India in September 2015 and showcased the Chettinad Heritage and Rural Tourism wealth of Tamil Nadu. There was a tremendous response from abroad about Tourism hospitality in addition to other tour packages.

Ministry of Tourism’s Road Show in USA and Canada

Tamil Nadu Tourism participated in the Road

Shows at Montreal, Toronto in Canada, Chicago


and Houston in USA, organized by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India during June 2015.

World Travel Mart (WTM)

World Travel Mart is held at London every November. Tamil Nadu Tourism participated in the WTM, London in 2015. More than 200 countries participated. Tourism wealth of Tamil Nadu and the

steps taken for the promotion of Tamil Nadu were highlighted. In WTM, London, the tourism stakeholders of Tamil Nadu were

encouraged to participate and necessary assistance was rendered by providing all printed and electronic materials. This effort resulted in considerable tourist arrival from U.K. and nearby countries to Tamil Nadu.


FITUR International Tourism Trade Fair, Madrid, Spain

Tamil Nadu Tourism participated in the FITUR International Tourism Trade Fair, held at Madrid, Spain during January 2016. For the first time an innovative ‘Tourism Passport Booklet’ was introduced, which received a great response among the tourists abroad.

ITB (International Tourism Bourse)

Tamil Nadu Tourism has participated in the International Tourism Bourse meet held in Berlin, Germany, in March 2016. It helped Tamil Nadu to showcase various segments of the State among the visiting delegates. The interaction during the meet with international buyers was very fruitful and they


evinced great interest in sending group tourists from their country to Tamil Nadu.

With a view to invite foreign tourists in more numbers and to retain the top position obtained during 2014 and 2015, Tamil Nadu Tourism has decided to participate periodically in the following International Travel Marts:

1. PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) – In Asian Countries (September)

2. ITB – Asia – Singapore (October)

3. WTM (World Travel Mart) – London (November)

4. FITUR – Madrid – Spain (January-February)

5. ITB – (International Tourism Bourse) – Berlin (March)

Publicity campaigns were conducted at Paris in France, Amsterdam in Netherlands, Bern in


Switzerland recently, while attending the above International Travel Marts.

Tamil Nadu Tourism’s brand statement “Enchanting Tamil Nadu, Experience Yourself” has made a very positive impact in the travel industry in

India and abroad. Enchanting Tamil Nadu is regarded as a widely known tourism brand. This is also reflected by the increasing tourist arrivals.


The State Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Thuvakudi, Tiruchirapalli offers a three year degree course in Hotel Management and Catering Technology and a one and half year Diploma Course as well as Certificate


Course in Food Production, Food Beverage

Service, House Keeping, Bakery and Confectionery.

This Institute is jointly sponsored by the Government of India and Government of Tamil Nadu and is conducting courses of study affiliated to National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Noida, U.P.

Apart from regular courses, this Institute is providing employability training to unskilled persons under ‘Hunar-Se-Rozgaar Tak Yojana’ of Ministry of Tourism, Government of India and Skill Certification programmes.

During the year 2013–2014, a sum of Rs.5 crore has been sanctioned for upgrading this


Institute as “Centre of Excellence in Hospitality Education and Training” and works are under progress.

Indian Dance Festival

Tamil Nadu is the State known for several fairs and festivals, which attract large number of people, who want to relax and rejoice in the folk arts of Tamil Nadu and various classical dance

forms. During the peak season period (December–January) every year, Indian Dance Festival is performed at Mamallapuram. Renowned artistes from all over India in various classical dance forms and folk arts of Tamil Nadu & various States are also showcased in the festival. Many foreign tourists have included this festival in their tour itinerary.


Initially the Dance Festival was named as “Mamallapuram Dance Festival”. After the inclusion of various art forms of India, the festival was renamed as “Indian Dance Festival”. The master performers from various parts of India -

Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Puducherry, Jharkhand, Nagaland, Manipur, Rajasthan, Odisha, Mizoram, Sikkim, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh showcase the various art forms in the UNESCO identified heritage site of Mamallapuram. The sponsored programmes of the South Zone Cultural Centre, Department of Art and Culture and Government Music College of Chennai are added attractions.


Guide Training

Large number of tourists are visiting Tamil Nadu throughout the year to see and enjoy the temples, heritage monuments, forts, beautiful beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls and hill stations.

Guides play a vital role in Tourism promotion and are responsible for projecting the right image of the country, giving factual information, caring for the safety of tourists and ensuring their pleasant stay. 120 Tourist Guides have so far been trained from various parts of Tamil Nadu and the training was given through the Centre for Entrepreneurship Development, Madurai.


Tourist Security Organisation

Tourist Security Organisation is functioning in the Tourism Department. It has a Chief Tourist Warden stationed at Chennai to co-ordinate with Station Tourist Wardens at five centres namely,

Mamallapuram, Rameswaram, Kanniyakumari, Kodaikanal and Udhagamandalam. To start with, Tourist Security Organisation is functioning at these five centres and based on its success, action will be taken to expand this to other important tourist centres. At present, the team has 30 members.

When compared to the high growth of tourist arrivals, the size of Tourist Security Organisation is minimum. Tamil Nadu is known as a safe and

secure State. Tourist Security Organisation is functioning to instill a sense of confidence among


foreign and domestic tourists. The objectives

include hassle-free travel, communication, eliminating touts, any unforeseen requirements which a tourist may find difficult to meet, while in a new place and in a crowd. Ex-servicemen are selected based on their awareness of various regions and knowledge of vernacular languages. They can easily understand the problems of tourists and communicate well in their language, so that the tourists can feel at home and secure. Necessary orientation training has been given through Tamil Nadu Police Academy, Chennai to ensure co-ordination between Tourists, Tourist Security Organisation and local Police.

Ministry of Tourism, Government of India also encourages Tourist Security Organisation and


has appreciated the lead role played by Tamil Nadu

Tourism. Performance of the Tourist Security Organisation has been well appreciated by the visiting tourists and local public and it has been published in print media.
Tourism Infrastructure

State Funded Schemes

Tourism Department is sanctioning funds for the development of basic facilities at tourist destinations for the benefit of tourists visiting Tamil Nadu. The major components namely rest sheds, toilets, approach roads, dress changing rooms, parking lots, drinking water, lighting, signages etc., are provided in the tourist centres under Tamil Nadu State Funded Schemes.


Tamil Nadu Government had sanctioned a sum of Rs.7667.20 lakhs during 2011-2015, for infrastructure development schemes in all districts of Tamil Nadu.

For the year 2015-16, the State Government had sanctioned a total sum of Rs.1733.33 lakhs towards provision of infrastructure facilities and development of road connectivity at important tourist centers in Tamil Nadu as stated below:-
Infrastructure Facilities Schemes 2015-2016

Sl. Amount
Name of the scheme (

1 Construction of Interpretation 70.00
Centre and Sanitary Complex at
Sivan Koil, Perungulam Town
Panchayat, Thoothukudi District.

2 Provision of basic facilities at 30.00
Kutladampatti falls in Madurai


3 Provision of LED Lights at 53.33
Arulmigu Thirumalai Kumarasamy
Thirukoil, Panpozhi in Tirunelveli

4 Provision of LED Lights at 120.00
Arulmigu Subramaniyaswamy
Thirukoil, Tiruthani in Tiruvallur

5 Provision of infrastructure 45.00
facilities in Santhana
mahalingasamy temple and
Sundaramahalingasamy temple in
Saptur Reserve Forest of
Srivilliputhur Grizzled Squirrel
Wildlife Sanctuary

6 Provision of basic facilities at 138.50
Arulmigu Meenakshi
Sundareswarar Thirukovil,
Vilathikulam, Thoothukudi District

7 Construction of Tourist home near 60.00
A/m Narayana Perumal
Thirukovil, Nangoor,
Nagapattinam District

Total 516.83


Development of Roads 2015-2016

Sl. Amount
Name of the scheme (Rs. in

1 Improvement of Roads at Kottur 195.00
and Anamalai Town Panchayat in
Coimbatore District.
2 Improvement of roads connecting 305.00
to Tourist Centres in Udumalpet
area in Tiruppur District.
3 Strengthening and improving 716.50
access and boundaries at
Santhanamahalingasamy temple
Sundaramahalingasamy temple in
Saptur Reserve Forest of
Srivilliputhur Grizzled Squirrel
Wildlife Sanctuary.
Total 1216.50



State Funded Schemes sanctioned
during 2015-2016

Sl. Name of the Scheme (Rs. in
No. Lakhs)

1 Infrastructure Facilities 516.83

2 Development of Roads 1216.50

Total 1733.33

Government of India Assisted Schemes

For the years 2011-2012 and 2012-2013, the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India had sanctioned a total sum of Rs.2384.32 lakhs towards provision of infrastructure facilities at important tourist centres in Tamil Nadu.

The Ministry of Tourism, Government of India is also extending financial assistance for the


development of tourist destinations. For the development of Kancheepuram and Velankanni, detailed project reports have been prepared and sent to the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India under PRASAD Scheme (Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritual Augmentation Drive) for sanction.

Asian Development Bank – IDIPT Project (Infrastructure Development Investment Programme for Tourism)

The Infrastructure Development Investment Programme for Tourism in Tamil Nadu – Project 2 was prepared with the assistance of ADB which approved the same on 15-12-2011 at a cost of Rs.450 crore. Out of this, ADB financing is


Rs.315 crore (i.e.70%) and State Government financing is Rs.135 crore (i.e.30%).

The Project Cost for Tranche-II is Rs.135 crore out of which ADB funding is Rs.95 crore (i.e.70%) and State Government funding is Rs.40 crore (i.e.30%). The Loan Agreement between the Asian Development Bank, Government of India and the Government of Tamil Nadu was signed on 02-04-2012 at New Delhi and it became effective from 19-06-2012.

Of the Rs.135 crore allotted in Tranche-II, a sum of Rs.69.43 crore was allotted for works. Works have been taken up for Rs.65.87 crore consisting of 20 packages viz. (1) Supply and Installation of Signages at 12 major cities / towns (2) Supply and Installation of Aesthetic Lighting at


7 major cities / towns (3) Supply and Installation of Street Furniture and Litter Bins at 10 major cities / towns (4 to 13) Construction of new Public Toilets

and Sanitary Complexes at 10 places

(14) Improvements of Danish Fort at Tranquebar

(15) Supply and installation of energy efficient flood lights at Arulmigu Uchi Pillaiyar Koil (Rock Fort), Tiruchirapalli (16) Boating Area Improvement in Mudaliarkuppam, (17) Boating Area Improvement in

Muttukadu (18) Improvement works at TTDC Beach Resort Complex, Mamallapuram

(19) & (20) Underground Sewerage System in uncovered area at Udhagamandalam (Phase-I and Phase-II). The works are in progress.

Out of the 20 packages, 8 packages viz.

(1) Supply and Installation of Signages at 12 major


cities / towns, (2) Supply and Installation of Street Furniture and litter bins at 10 major cities / towns,

(3) Improvements of Danish Fort at Tranquebar,

(4) Supply and Installation of Energy efficient flood lights at Arulmigu Uchi Pillaiyar Koil (Rock Fort)

Tiruchirapalli, (5) Underground Sewerage System at Udhagamandalam Town (Phase-I),

(6) to (8) Construction of New Public Toilets and Sanitary Complexes at Rameswaram, Madurai, Srirangam (Tiruchirapalli) have been completed and the rest of the works will be completed as per schedule i.e. before the end of this Financial Year 2016-17.

An expenditure of Rs.9.14 crore and Rs.24.98 crore has been incurred towards the Administrative & Consultancy charges and


Civil works respectively for the period from April

2012 to July 2016.

Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation

TTDC was incorporated on 30.6.1971 with the object of providing infrastructure in all the major tourist destinations in the State. It has a chain of 53 hotels and a fleet of 8 Coaches. It has also established Youth Hostels at Hill Resorts of Ooty, Kodaikanal and Yercaud catering to budget tourists. Some of the hotels have been leased out and the rest are managed by the TTDC.

Hotels Division

TTDC is taking efforts to upgrade all the hotels under its Management with the help of


Professional Architects to meet the expectations of the customers.

The Staff of TTDC hotels are provided training through the two Catering Institutions at Taramani & Thuvakudi and also through Star Hotels.

Boat Houses

TTDC is operating Boat Houses at

Muttukadu, Mudaliarkuppam, Pitchavaram,

Yercaud, Kodaikanal, Courtallam, Uthagamandalam and Pykara.

The Boats are designed by Technical Consultant from I.I.T-Chennai. The Boats are also inspected by the Consultant to confirm the quality.


Wearing of Life Jackets by the tourists at all the Boat Houses has been made mandatory to ensure safety of the Tourists.

Transport Division

TTDC is operating Tours ranging from half-a–day to 14 days with a fleet of 8 Coaches. More than 30 Tours are being organised by TTDC for the benefit of Tourists. Apart from these tours, TTDC is also organising tailor-made tours catering to the needs of group tourists.

TTDC has secured 150 Seegra Dharshan tickets per day for all seven days of a week from Tirumala Tirupathi Devasthanam (TTD) during June 2015.


Fair Division

The 42nd India Tourist and Industrial Fair was inaugurated at Island Grounds, Chennai on 11.01.2016. All the Government Departments had erected their Pavilions in an attractive manner showcasing various Welfare Schemes and

Development Programmes of the State

Government through attractive working models.

Marketing initiatives of TTDC

Tie-up arrangements have been made for online booking of TTDC Hotels and Tours.

Tie-up arrangements have been made with Air

India for providing Holiday Home facilities at TTDC Hotels and earned revenue of Rs.10 lakhs during the year 2015-2016.

Initiatives were taken for holding Conferences/Workshops by leading Companies at Beach Resort Complex, Mamallapuram.


E- Governance initiatives of TTDC

TTDC earned the distinction of being the first State Tourism Corporation to introduce on-line booking of Tours and Hotels inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu during July

2004. This has helped TTDC to improve its revenue significantly through online bookings of Tours and Hotels.

Mobile reservation of TTDC Hotels and Tours was launched by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on the World Tourism Day

i.e. 27th September 2012. This has helped the tourists to book TTDC Hotels and Tours through all the mobile networks.


The facility of online reservation of TTDC Hotels was earlier provided to only 17 Hotels. It has been extended to cover all the 22 Hotels operated by TTDC.

The revenue generated through On-line Bookings is Rs.10.07 Crores during 2015-2016 compared to the revenue of Rs.10.04 Crores earned during the previous year.

Improvement works undertaken by TTDC during the year 2015-16

1. Upgradation of Beach Resort Complex, Mamallapuram at a cost of Rs.2.55 crore, Upgradation of Boat Houses at Muttukadu at a cost of Rs.3.25 crore and Upgradation of Boat Houses at Mudaliyarkuppam at a cost of Rs.1.45 crore respectively with ADB assistance has been taken up and the works are in progress.


2. Additional block of 21 rooms at a cost of Rs.2 crore at Rameswaram and new Tourist Home at Thirukadaiyur at a cost of Rs.1.20 crore has been constructed and were inaugurated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu on 18-7-2016.

Major initiatives to be executed in the year 2016-2017

One Volvo coach and four Air conditioned Coaches will be replaced at a cost of Rs.2.20 crore.

Mobile Apps will be developed in eight languages about Mamallapuram for the benefit of Tourists.


Tamil Nadu has diversified tourist attractions

like temples, mountains, waterfalls, beaches,


monuments, wildlife, hill stations, art, culture, tradition, cuisine and heritage and these attractions have made Tamil Nadu, the “Number One State” in the country. Tamil Nadu is well connected by road, rail and air. Tourist security and tourist friendliness are the factors adding value to the State.

Many steps are being taken to retain the top position in Tourist arrivals in the ensuing years.




Commissioner of Tourism

Joint Director

Deputy Director-1 Deputy Director-2

Assistant Assistant Assistant
Director-1 Director-2

Publication Tourist


Officer Officers Officer


Annexure – I


I. Tourist Offices in Tamil Nadu

1) Ariyalur 17) Perambalur
2) Chennai 18) Rameswaram
3) Coimbatore 19) Salem
4) Chidambaram 20) Tiruchirapalli
5) Dharmapuri 21) Tirunelveli
6) Erode 22) Thanjavur
7) Karaikudi 23) Thiruvannamalai
8) Kanniyakumari 24) Tiruvallur
9) Kodaikanal 25) Thiruvarur
10) Krishnagiri 26) Theni
11) Karur 27) Thoothukudi
12) Madurai 28) Tirupur
13) Mamallapuram 29) Udhagamandalam
14) Namakkal 30) Vellore
15) Poompuhar 31) Virudhunagar
16) Pudukottai 32) Villupuram


II. Tourist Offices in Other States

1) New Delhi

2) Agra

3) Jaipur

4) Kolkatta

5) Mumbai

6) Panaji – Goa




I. Tourist Information Centres in Tamil Nadu

a) Airports

1) Chennai (International terminal)

2) Chennai (Domestic terminal)

3) Coimbatore

4) Madurai

5) Tiruchirapalli

b) Railway Stations

6) Chennai (Central)

7) Chennai (Egmore)

8) Coimbatore

9) Madurai

10) Tiruchirapalli

11) Tirunelveli


c) Bus Stand

12) Chennai Metropolitan
Bus Terminus, Koyambedu

d) Other Places

13) Gudalur (The Nilgiris District)

14) Rameswaram (Temple Complex)

15) Thanjavur
(Hotel Tamil Nadu Complex)

16) Panchalankurichi (Thoothukudi District)

II. Other States

17) Railway Junction, Bangalore (Karnataka)

18) Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh)

19) Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala)

20) Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

21) Bhubaneswar (Odisha)

Hon'ble Chief Minister inauguratedTourist Lodges at HotelTamil Nadu,

Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple Tower, Srirangam

Rock Fort - Tiruchirapalli

Shore Temple, Mamallapuram

Mahamaham-2016 - Kumbakonam

Chithirai Festival-Madurai

Sea Corals-Mandapam, Rameswaram

Volvo Luxury Coach of Tamil Nadu Tourism
Development Corporation

Butterfly Park-Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Vandalur

Bird Sanctuary - Vedanthangal

Nilgiri Mountain Rail

HotAir Balloon Festival - Pollachi

Velankanni Church

Nagore Dargah

Yercaud Lake


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