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    NIGERIA PHARMA MANUFACTURES EXPO - Explore the untapped potential of the West and Central African pharmaceutical markets

    As its name suggests, NIGERIA PHARMA MANUFACTURES EXPO is an exhibition focused on pharmaceutical processing machinery, packaging machinery, packaging materials and consumables, API, bulk drugs, additives, excipients, laboratory reagents, glassware and equipment, analytical, R&D equipment and biotechnological instruments, environment. Control of Eqpts & Services, Utilities Products & Services.

    Nigeria's pharmaceutical manufacturing sector contributes to nation-building with total investments in excess of 300 billion naira, which pays taxes and other fees and employs more than 600,000 people. June 2008 in Abuja which raised awareness and showcased the resources, contributions and innovative pharmaceuticals - Proudly Made in Nigeria to our citizens, policy makers and the international community through Nigeria Pharma Manufactures Expo.
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