Kerala Travel Mart

The motive to promote tourism and its related activities in the state of Kerala, led to the formation of Kerala Travel Mart Society in 2000. The main objective of this society was to create common ground for travel agents from all over the world and service providers in Kerala. to connect. This not only led to the promotion of tourism, but also led to a professional approach to tourism activities in Kerala. KTM claims to be the only Travel Mart that focuses on a single state, making it a unique brand.

Since then, KTM has been the spokesperson for the tourism industry in the state of Kerala. It also remains a non-profit organization that has been interested in promoting tourism and its various sectors. From hotels to service providers, KTM society has been bringing the best in all sectors of tourism and showing it to the world. Its sole aim is the promotion and advancement of Kerala Tourism has been the main force for the success of Kerala Travel Mart. The Company plays a vital role in filtering the best product service providers, allowing customers to make better choices.

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